Drug reference 

Why do I only use Mastodon when I'm stoned?

That's a real nice eschaton you got there. Would be a shame if someone were to come along and.... IMMANENTIZE it

The new Borat movie was weird. It was just two senile old guys arguing over who loved fracking more for an hour and a half. Don't get the appeal.

uspol shitpost 

press y to yell at iowa :watchgoose:

mini metro is a science fiction game that imagines a world where there are consequences for badly running subway lines

Watching Burlesque for the first time. I don't know how I made it this long as a homasekshul without seeing it.

Moral of the story is that Stanley Tucci is Daddy.

I'd love a way to have like a master account that acts as my face across instances and syncs who I'm following and all that between them.

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One of the things that makes getting into Mastodon confusing is dealing with accounts across instances. I have three accounts that I use. One, because it has a large general interest population that's interesting. Another has a cool queer community that I like to see. My main one (this) is a personal instance that I would like to use to interact on these other ones. It feels silo-ed, the information you see on profiles is limited, and the jumping between accounts is a pain.

I've got an 11 year old transmasc kid looking for YouTube representation.

Who are the popular LGBT+ YouTubers playing games that they should watch? (Can't be mean to furries.)

Are there Twitch streams they should be watching instead? Some other platform?

Boosts would be appreciated. :boost_ok:

This is what a "split lobster" looks like. This coloring occurs once in every 50 million lobsters


This debate is painful. I don’t know why I’m watching it.

hey you?
sit up your back is gonna hurt if you keep looking like a single parenthese

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