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I peeked at Mastodon at work earlier and someone boosted a super cute dude's selfie and I can't remember what his @ was. so message to him, later tonight when I'm singing Somewhere Out There at the moon, just know it's for you.

Signal boosting people who've moved to new instances from a shitty one is praxis

haven't checked on here yet, but I'm hoping we all agree that Nicki Minaj is canceled, right?

PSA: If you are/were using the Stylish browser add-on for custom themes, change to Stylus, which doesn't track your browsing.

GBBO livetooting 

Hi, everyone!

I'm from the Philippines. Everyone is scared here. When I speak against the current governtment my family/friends are concerned for my life. People who believe the government's propaganda thinks I'm crazy.

I guess I just needed a place to share my thoughts.

I used to not care about these things, though my parents were strong activists during Marcos' time.

Now I think I'm slowly waking up to the harsh reality that our country is now being run by a dictator.


I saw a car with the license plate 4NUST4RT today and laughed like a crazy person.

Saturday morning laziness: we're babysitting my friend's tiny dog so my boyfriend and I both get a creature to use as an excuse to not get out of bed.

tfw you remember that literally all programmers used to be women until men realized that it was actual intellectual work and ran them out of the field so that 17 year old shitheads could make posts on reddit about how man brains are genetically wired for programming

boost if i should buy a nintendo switch so i can play breath of the wild. your boosts give me permission

5 objects to summon me 

five objects to summon me 

Why are people trying to ban plastic straws when there are way bigger contributors to climate change like fossil fuel companies and CVS giving out 12 foot receipts and billionaires

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Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism or Barbarism. The future is right around the corner.